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Cyprus 2,00€ 2009 (special)

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Volume: 1 000 000 pcs
FDI: 01.01.2009
FDC: 01.01.2009
Coin side: national
Coin issue: special
Coin diameter: 25,75 mm
Coin thickness: 2,20 mm
Coin weight: 8,50 g
Series: Series 1
Short description: 10 years of EMU and the birth of the euro
Long description: The centre of the coin shows a stylised human figure whose left arm is prolonged by the euro symbol. It shows the idea of a single currency and indirectly also EMU as the last step in the long history of trade and economic integration of Europe.
Last updated: 05.05.2012 (12 years 2 months 9 days)
CYP Cyprus (??????/K?br?s)
Series 1 (2008)
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270 360
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